Until now, wind technologies have been incompatible with city locations due to their size, noise and  strict urban planning restrictions.

YELOBLADE is an ultra-quiet, compact form factor wind energy system, designed to generate power in densely populated areas where the demand for electricity is highest. With low upfront costs and effortless installation,  YELOBLADE allows wind energy generation to be welcomed into the cities.

YELOBLADE is low cost electricity driven by 3 key philosophies

  1. Simplicity: Using proven technology, easy installation, less hassle ……. Lower costs
  2. Reliablity: A small quantity of parts and a simplistic design mean low maintenance costs.
  3. On-site Generation: Generate and consume electricity, where it is required, at the point of demand

These key philosophies allow us to produce systems with low upfront, installation and maintenance costs which translate into cheaper electricity for the end user.